Welding & Fabrication

From simple brackets to 10,000 lb. weldments, we have you covered. Our accurate welding is the perfect follow-on to our precision CNC laser cutting.

Fast Setup, Fast Delivery

We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround, so we use fast “acorn” style precision tables and speed clamping setups. This keeps our welding team operating at peak efficiency while maintaining outstanding accuracy.

  • Factory-Width 5-Ton Crane
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless
  • Aluminum


We maintain a complete line of welding gasses and supplies to cover the vast majority of industrial welding needs, ensuring quality penetration and adherence to your specifications. By having us laser cut and fabricate your parts, including the addition of welded studs and nuts, your internal operations are simplified. We can also finish your components with assembly, labeling, packaging and warehousing, letting you focus on your core business operations.