Fully Automated Material Handling

Our lasers are integrated with a fully automated, “lights out” loading and unloading system. This allows us to burn unattended, around the clock, at maximum efficiency, and offer you lower cost parts and expedited deliveries.

CNC Laser Cutting

Our powerful lasers—up to 20,000 watts—produce high-quality parts in a variety of materials: up to 1" carbon steel, 1" stainless, 1" aluminum, ¼" brass, and ¼" copper on our 78¾" x 157½" cutting table. Contact us to discuss any special materials required, or leverage our inventory for rapid delivery.

Dynamic Nesting

Because we efficiently optimize sheet yield and quickly manage burn schedules on-the-fly, your hot parts can be processed cost effectively.

Excellent Parts Fit-Up

Our close tolerance processing methods assure an excellent fit for mating parts, including those with complex forming, welded studs, or tapped holes. Leverage the industry’s most committed team and advanced technology to reduce re-work at assembly and improve your overall product quality.

Learn about Tube Laser Cutting